Branch Silver Black Leather Bag

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Exclusive style, inspired by the nature. Present the beauty of the fantasy with graphic shapes. Unique bag.

SIZE 30/25/4 cm.

Shoulder strap adjustable 1200/10 mm.
100% Recycled leather & textile!
Closer with zip.

The leather of the bag is padded inside with adhesive foam, which protects your phones, tablets or Ipad perfect, also keeps the good shape of the bag.


Teo Geo Project emerges from the prospect of working with Spanish quality leather. We manufacture handmade products. Simple and well made pieces, cuted by laser,useful in our daily lives and that improve over time pieces. Here we mainly deal with quality cow fur, from the best companies of Spanish leather, we are registered like handmade arts from Catalonia DEVA 007/2018. Skins that meet European regulations on Ecology and Environment. The products used in their manufacture are approved by the EU, certified for use in the manufacture of leather.

Full grain leather is an excellent high quality, low-maintenance leather. Very resistant and durable.

We love leather and we want it to be seen as it is, with its brands and signs of its nature.

Please message me if you have any doubt.

Thank you very much for visiting our shop! 😉

Best Regards,
Teodora- TEO GEO Progect Team



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